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 We Have  very professional upholstery Crew in the area Of North Hollywood

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Sofa Upholstery or Reupholstery North Hollywood Ca,

If you have a sofa that has passed through generations, the couch has a good quality frame, and smarter is re upholstering.

WM Design will give you the opportunity to keep your favorite sofa,We can also custom made new sofas,loveseat and sectionals,reupholstery service on sofas, upholstered process is changing fabric completely, our upholsterers are trained to remodel change style and make your couch a piece of art.

Type Of Sofas

  • Sectionals sofa L Shape.
  • Round arm Sofas
  • Leather Sofas
  • Vinyl Sofas
  • Tufted sofas
  • Contemporary  Sofas

 Upholstery North Hollywood and patio Cushions

   Upholstery North Hollywood What you need is to go with experts like WM Upholstery have the best upholsterers in your area, we reupholstered or make you a custom made chair.

North Hollywood is a city of a lot of industry, you can find any type of furniture but the quality  you can only find  it us. Upholstery North Hollywood, our Company offers the best in the industry you whether you have a sofa or a chair or bench WM design can reupholster, regardless of style, we use organic materials, also the workmanship is one of the best in South California.

Furniture Upholstery North Hollywood, the best in the industry upholstery why not leave your furniture in the hands of experts,  Upholstery North Hollywood attention we offer the best customer, the best workmanship than any other company, and the best prices you can found throughout San Fernando Valley.
The warranty that offers Furniture Upholstery North Hollywood ca, any problem concerning With The workmanship we go home and managed customer until the customer is 100% satisfied

 Upholstery North Hollywood

Upholstery Shop In North Hollywood

Are you Looking for Upholstery Service In North Hollywood?

If you are   looking for a shop In North Hollywood Upholstery,  You Have come to the right place,We offer Free Consultation in your home  in our Upholstery  Shop you get can benefits such us: quality, warranty, free delivery, Customer service any Upholstery Service   We made any project related to upholstery.

We are professional and certified upholsters for residential furniture industry,We have everything you need patio cushions,any size foam, upholstery Fabrics.

Wm Design co, Is being operating Since 1976,Our Shop is the number one in the area

We are expanding our Upholstery Shop In  All San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles California 

Wall Upholstery Cost North Hollywood

Wall Upholstery Cost vs Quality 

is a professional service Offered by WM Design co.   in the area of North Hollywood a best known in the area Using France techniques   in Custom Wall Upholstery and new custom made walls designs for commercial or residential walls. With over 40 years in business upholstering walls Working in all use and some others countries, homes and commercial building.  William is the top high in workmanship wall upholstery for the North Hollywood  and surrounding cities.We designs or may re-upholster any wall residential wall home or mansion wall. Any questions Call William for free estimate 818-783-4000

The Many Benefits of Wall Upholstery

There are literally hundreds of options available when choosing wall Upholstering . Some of the most common might include upholstery
Wall Upholstery or paneling. But 
Wall Upholstery  North Hollywood  is growing in popularity and for good reason. There are some distinct benefits that homeowners can realize from
Wall Upholstery that simply are not available from other wall covering sources. Here are just a few of the biggest benefits that come from choosing wall

Adding Extra padding and Depth to a Room

Wall upholstery North Hollywood  Comes in a wide variety of designs to choose from. It can provide some unique padded surfaces that simply are not
possible or available when using other types of wall coverings like paint or wallpaper. Choosing a nice Upholstered wall 
upholstery can be very complimentary
in a room especially against other walls that may be painted. This can add a special touch to any decor. Walls covered with textured upholstery can add a
lot of variety to a decor and create some very important decorative excitement.

Enhances the Visual Effect of a Room

Using wall upholstery North Hollywood can provide some very nice visual effects in a room without making it seem too busy. Besides covering up physical
flaws, using this type of wall covering can help to soften the edges in a room for a softer, more relaxed look and feel. 

Patio Cushions North Hollywood ca,

Patio Cushions North Hollywood Ca, or Outdor Cushions we Custom made cushions for your swiming pool area or fire pit our company come to your house and take the proper measurement and bring samples of fabrics where you can pick up your own colors.Sunbrella fabrics is one of word biguest fabric company,Wm Design co work with the best outdoor fabric Company you do not have to be a decorator to designing your own cushions co WM Design can help you with some good ideas.

Patio Cushions for any area


Chair Upholstery North Hollywood Ca,

Chair Upholstery North Hollywood ca  are available in a wide variety of sizes, prices and styles. Upholstered chairs are great as accent chairs and can define a corner help set off a room. Upholstered chairs can also be a welcoming friend to sink into at the end of a long day. There are a wide variety of options for Chair Upholstery North Hollywood Ca, including Club Chairs, and Custom Chairs. For truly personal comfort choose a chair with the features that best fit you. Choose from Different Style and more.
Chair reupholstery service is a professional service for chair restoration. We reupholstery dining chairs, bedroom chairs, and outdoor chairs.  We change fabrics and foam for a better results.
Bring your chair to our upholstery shop in North Hollywood ca,. We craft any chair with best quality products in the upholstery industries We also Offer dining room chairs and free Installation.
Dining room chairs reupholstery Service

Type Of Chairs North Hollywood Ca,


Restaurant Booth North Hollywood Ca,

Wm Design co, Work with restaurant Booth  We have the best prices compared with the competition in the area of North Hollywood Ca,Our trained craftmanship specialist will make the quality work in your  Restaurant booth or chairs Several different styles of restaurant booths are available In North Hollywood Ca, California for your convenience according to your budget. You will have many benefits if you use our services  re-upholstery restaurant booth involves different process of giving your restaurant furniture a re-birth (retouch), by replacing any broken springs, special retouch paint to the wood, changing the foam and replacing the vinyl that is keeping your restaurant booth from staying fresh and Conffortable.

Restaurant Booth Style


Commercial and residential Upholstery Booth and Restaurant booth,Kitchen nook.

Restaurant Chairs we have the solution for your restaurant.

Furniture Upholstery North Hollywood

 Furniture Upholstery North Hollywood Ca,an expert upholstery shop went for offering astounding, stylish and directed evaluated upholstery administrations to our clients. We see ourselves as accomplices with clients, workers and our group in California. 

Furniture Upholstery North Hollywood Ca Our objective is to give best quality upholstery arrangements administrations with a superb client administration. Therefore, we listen and contribute enough time to comprehend clients' necessities with a specific end goal to give our clients 100% fulfillment in an upbeat situation.