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How to find the right outdoor Cushions

Decorating your patio area or swimming pool area can be a challenge but with our experience we can help you with some tips.

First Choose the right brand Sunbrella is one of the best brand for outdoor fabrics,it is 100% acrylic  water Resistant To Choose the colors is and other challenge that is why we have a lot of colors to choose from.
Just with a phone call one of our crew will come and measure the cushions to fit in your furniture.
Other benefits of ordering custom cushions is that you can order to you liking, ordering cushions from WM Design is your best Choise , our new collection of fabrics

There are many styles of patio cushions to choose from. The list may lead you to lounge Patio Cushions, upright cushions or cushions that are mainly used for Indoor seat-only. Decide which style of cushion will fit your garden, purpose and budget,WM  Design co,will guide you to the process.

In Marina de Rey,Venice beach, Santa Monica,Playa del Rey all those cities are along the ocean.

Patio Cushion Marina del Rey ca,

We must take into concideracion that marina del rey is a city located along the ocean, is why the breeze, could destroy any material.
Materials we recommend: Sunbrella fabric, foam DryFast, Nylon thread,

Some Of Our Services For outdoor cushions Marina del Rey

  • Chaise Cushions
  • Chair Cushions Outdoor
  • Sunbrella fabrics
  • Outdoor Cushions For Ottomant
  • Swimming Pool Cushions
  • ​Patio Cushions Marina del Rey

Upholstery Marina Del Rey

Upholstery Marina del Rey and Reupholstery Service We have serving  Marina Del Rey California for more than 25 years making furniture and reupholstering, in Upholstery Marina del Rey, we specialize in the Upholstering and custom new made furniture. Wm Upholstery  we are the master in upholstering Furniture  all major furniture brands known in USA and also works will all major providers of upholstery fabrics made in USA. We sell upholstery fabric at retail prices in Marina del Rey California.

Upholstery marina del rey made by Wm Upholstery.The leading upholstery Business in the Marina del Rey upholstery industry, have over 40 years of experience serving to the specials Customers with confidentiality to all Marina del Rey residents

 Furniture Upholstery Marina del Rey

Furniture Upholstery Marina del Rey When you think of reupholstering your furniture you have come to the right place,WM design Has only certified Upholsterers to better serve you,in Furniture Upholstery Marina del Rey  ​Our goal is to is to maintain our reputation that we have had for many years, whether you have a sofa, chair, ottomant, we do everything in upholstery marina del rey

 We offer personal attention to all our customers William will Help you with all you needs about upholstery we also have hundreds of fabrics for you to choose and use on your next decoration or interior design project.

Our expert craftsman can offer you expert advice, at the best price in the business.
We can pick up your furniture as well as deliver it upon the completion of our job. We’ve had the pleasure of working with several celebrity and businesses Owners in the area including restaurants, hotels, doctor’s offices and residential customers.
Our priority is to deliver quality work to all of our customers at the best price. We certainly can appreciate the value of a well-constructed piece of furniture and we understand the value behind every project.​

Upholstery Marina del Rey- patio Cushions-Outdoor


 Upholstery Service

We make the work ourselves

This are some of our reupholstery services.

Reupholstery West Los Angeles
Furniture Reupholstery
Custom Sofas
Chair Reupholstery
Couch repair
Upholstery And Reupholstery
Reupholstery Marina del Rey
Restaurant booth Reupholstery
Wall Upholstery
Custom Headboard
patio Cushions

Reupholstery  Or Update your sofa To  me, means that you take off the old fabric and examine the internal structure of the piece and check the conditions of the frame and springs. Often, to do a proper job will require tightening the springs,checking the frame and/or replacing the padding and cushions. All too many upholsterers in West Los Angeles, simply put your new fabric on top of the old fabric that is not reupholstery . I call that recovering. It is like slipcover.

Professional Upholsterers In Marina Del Rey

Upholstery Marina del Rey  we work directly  with the people of  Marina del Rey providing the best service and give them exacly what they want.
 We will give you the best service in your area of Marina del Rey,our company is being operating in los angeles county area since 1978 working with designers and architect in big proyect with the best Customers service the Community Marina del Rey

Prices in West Los Angeles Upholstery

Our prices are very competives and we guarantee the best quality.Upholstery Marina Del Rey does most of the furniture in our shop.Marina del Rey reupholstery  Servicehas no limit no job is too big or too small.Our goal is to give our customers 100% guarantee

Furniture Upholstery Service.

Custom Made

Welcome To Upholstery Marina del rey and Reupholstery service

We have serving  All marina del rey area for more than 28 years  making furniture and reupholstering,making hundreds of people happy and providing the best Service,Furniture Reupholstery Marina del rey is offering a full Upholstery service in Marina del rey,bringing the best reupholstery service in  your area to your homeor you Business,Commercial or Residential Upholstery in  Marina del Rey California,Slipcovers,Furniture Upholstery Service ,Chair Sofas,Patio Cushion and Restaurant booth, 

Upholstery or Reupholstery service marina del Rey

We will guide you trough the all process Whether you want to Reupholster a sofa or order a Custom Sofa, We go to your home to take measurements, we can Also bring fabric samples to choose the color you like it, without leaving your house, the two process are similar reuphostery or Custom order, Wm design to guide for prosceso of reupholstering.

Reupholstery service Marina del rey

Reupholstery Service Marina del Rey  One of our specialties, Reupholstery Service, we give new life to your sofa It doesn't matter if your sofa has torn fabric or broken wood,No matter our upholsterers give you new life. Give us the Opportunity to  show you  what we can do with your Furniture.Why buy the sofa that everybody else have? Maybe you have a u treasure in your House like Sofa of 1950 Classic,That has Come from generations, these sofas have hardwood and coil springs, with the help of a professional you will have a sofa that no one has near you About Reupholstery Marina del Rey When is it Worth Reupholstering? When the sofa has a good frame, and worn out,reupholstery is not cheap but it will be less than buying a new furniture,A good re upholsterer can give furniture new look, take out dated details and give you back a piece of furniture that's better than new. we can also make your furniture bigger or smaller new style.Springs are replaced and retied. Fillings are renewed and the frame reinforced. That's why the cost of reupholstery is often close to the price of new furniture. Whatever you choose, the cost of the fabric will be the same.Reupholstery Marina del Rey contact us

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