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We are specialized In Cutting and sewing Slipcovers. All the Work is done by us.

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Upholstery Pasadena

Upholstery Pasadena Offers the best service, we do all kind of upholstery whether you have a small ottomant or sofa, we offer you some help  to make the best desicion In our Shop we have certified Upholsterers to work In your Sofa,

We will make your sofa, chairs, ottoman, etc. Feel and look like brand new. Upholstery involves the process of stripping down all the old fabric and applying new fabric of your choice. Re-upholstery also involves the process of giving your furniture a re-birth, by replacing any broken springs, changing the foam and replacing any of the furniture insides that is keeping your furniture from staying fresh. Residential upholstery Pasadena is a professional service provided by WM Design.

Reupholstery Pasadena

Reupholstery Pasadena Instead of ordering a custom made piece of furniture many customers may prefer to Reupholster and keep their Furniture. One of the most common reasons why people reupholster their furniture is because they have sentimental value or they are expensive quality pieces where it makes more financial sense to reupholster them than to replace them. If your sofa has sentimental value it is worth reupholstering by changing the fabric it will be a complete different sofa. Upholstery repair and reupholster design is our passion and we offer our services all around Pasadena California. 

Sofa Upholstery Pasadena ca-WM Upholstery

  About Sofa Upholstery Pasadena

Sofa Upholster Pasadena CA,  We use the best techniques, with feathers and foam cushions, the frames are made with anchors and screws, assembly is a process with the best woods, the upholstery is one of the final processes, that is why we we certificates upholsterers, and work is inspected before it reaches the house of our customers, sleeper sectionals, and Chenille sectionals! Whether the style is leather or upholstered,
You’ll find the perfect sectional from our huge selection. We can Custom make what you ask for, or
Reupholstery your existing sofa. When it comes to
fashionable upholstery
, Sofa Upholstery Pasadena offers an amazing array of styles, fabrics and trim options from which to choose – in both fabric and
leather. Express your personal style by choosing from over a thousand fabrics in the Sofa Upholstery Pasadena CA, line, or have us apply your own custom
material for a look that is exclusively yours. We even allow you to personalize your frame style with our popular Personal Design Series program. From elegant
traditional to dramatic contemporary, nothing sets the tone in a room like luxurious and comfortable upholstered seating

Sofa Bed Upholstery Pasadena ca.
For your furniture hasa sturdy hardwood frame, it's worth reupholstering. Expensive antiques may be

reupholstered dozens of times. But if it was inexpensive when first purchased, it may not be worth recovering. We Can custom made Sofas or Reupholstery.

WM Design is able to reupholster your existing pieces in a limitless number of options.  Our reupholster service can be simply
recovering an existing piece with new fabric, but it may also involve stuffing pillows and cushions, and replacing or repairing springs. Contact


Furniture Upholstery Service.

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