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If your furniture has a sturdy hardwood frame, it's worth reupholstering. Expensive antiques may be reupholstered dozens of times. But if it was inexpensive when first purchased, it may not be worth recovering. We Can custom  made Sofas or Reupholstery.

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ReUpholstery Sofas Beverly Hills Ca.

Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Sofa Beverly Hills ca,

Commercial Sofa Upholstery Beverly Hills ca. has a Variety of Custom Sofas for Commercial purpose, business hotels motels, fully upholstered sofas with exposed wood carving or finish, these sofas can be used in lobbies, waiting room, or hotels room or penthouse. Commercial furniture are design to last Custom Upholstery work from the frame up. If your old piece of furniture that has a good frame it is worth reupholstering, there's some significant initial saving to. We use contract materials with our traditional skills upholsters and will provide you with results in your commercial furniture that are even better than the original. You get a custom look on Commercial Sofas that you cannot find in stores. Choose our fabric or use your own to create your custom look on you commercial sofa. Perhaps your furniture has a beautiful design this is another great reason why you should reupholster a Commercial Sofa

Sectional Sofas In beverly Hills ca

Are high demand environments subject to abuse from the rigors of daily wear and tear? Maintenance and repair of Sectionals Sofas in the area of Beverly Hills require specific knowledge and expertise. Facilities are high demand environments subject to abuse from the rigors of daily wear and tear.

WM Design co, Work together with designers on sectionals Sofas any shape or Style

Patio cushions Beverly Hills ca

Wha type of material is used for outdoor?

Patio Cushions Beverly Hills we use Sunbrella fabrics it is 100% acrylic it is resistant to any weather,nylon thread and dryfast foam

We cut the cushions with pattern to fit your funiture,Our Company has certified Upholsterers with the skills to make our customers 100% satisfation

Our large selection of fabrics make it easy for our custotomers to make and easy desicion on colors,most of our cushions has zipper and welt.

We offer the best confort for you pool area with our cushions that come in many density for better confort.

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All about Our Service in Beverly Hills ca.

 Upholstery Beverly Hills CA, Has Full Upholstery Service in Custom Furniture Or Reupholster Service

Our Sofa Company In Beverly Hills Ca, can Custom made setcional Sofas for Small areas.
When it comes to Decorate your home we can help you with your upholstery work,  Upholstery Beverly Hills Offers an amazing  styles, fabric,Frame,cushions options from which to choose – in both fabric vinyl  and leather. Express your personal style by choosing from over a thousand fabrics in the Upholstery Beverly hills CA, line, or have us apply your own custom material for a look that is exclusively yours. We even allow you to personalize your frame style with your own ideas, Personal Design Series program. From elegant traditional to dramatic contemporary, nothing sets the tone in a room like luxurious and comfortable upholstered Sofa and love seat are offered in styles from antique  to modern. Oversized sofas, demi-sofas or sleepers offer versatile seating options for every room, Sofa Upholstery Beverly Hills CA, Wood frame or full upholstered sofas
Express your individual style of  Upholstery Service in Beverly Hills ca, and save with exquisite fabric Upholstered Sofas from WM Design! We offer the comfort and quality you desire in Sofa Upholstery Service at Beverly Hills factory direct prices. All Sofa Upholstery Beverly Hills or, upholstered sleeper sofas, studio sofas, love seats, chairs and ottomans listed below will be custom built for you by our master domestic furniture craftsmen in any of 100 or more different colorful fabrics

What Customers expect From any Upholstery Work?

First that the company where they work in their furniture to have a lot of knowledge of Furniture Upholstery.

Second using the best material,like new foam down cushions,and alder frames.

Third and the most Important is the workmanship making sure to removed the old fabrics.

It is important that professionals work in your furniture our company makes sure that the work is inspected before delivery.

We welcome to our customer to visit us to check our showroom.

Wall Upholstery Beverly Hills ca.

We are the leaders in our industry,Our Company workon site and we are insured by the State of california.

Wall Upholstery Beverly Hills is used to decorate your room or for sound,walls are Sometimes upholstered to prevent the sound, for sound proof we use the best technique, using materials that are 100% natural that they will not harm your health.
we use a material called fiberglass rococo or 1 inch is sound proof, this type of installation is used for home theater or recording studios,this installations are paneling in any shape.

What is Traditional Upholstered Wall?

Traditional upholstered wall is the wall is Upholstered with the purpose of decoration, the techniques are different from the sound proof, in this type of walls is used 100% daccron fiber, foam or 1/2, on this wall junction is most sewing, and the eges used double a bit similar to wall paper but with padding and fabric Instead

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Sofa Upholstery Beverly Hills Ca.

That is just perfect for the room, and you can't seem to find a current style
anywhere that you like? Or do you have a chair that has been passed down for
generations and you just can't part with it? We have the Solution in Sofa
Upholstery Beverly Hills ca.

 We can reupholstery your existing sofa. Sofa Upholstery Beverly Hills ca.
Sectional sofa reupholstery
Sofa bed Upholstery
Antique Sofa Upholstery
Contemporary sofa Upholstery
Sectional Slipcovers WM Design co in Beverly Hills CA, Our work reflects an
enduring commitment to exceed client expectations while meeting all time and
budget constraints Reupholster Beverly Hills CA, Custom Made wide variety
of chaise sectionals, sleeper sectionals, and Chenille sectionals! Whether
the style is leather or upholstered, you’ll find the perfect sectional from our
huge selection. We can Custom make what you ask for, or reupholster your
existing sofa.

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