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Reupholstery Pasadena-By WM Design co.

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Reupholstery Pasadena Wm Design has best services in upholstery and reupholstery in the area. We are the number one Company in Reupholstering Service In the City of Pasadena our Work speak fo itself . Some of your furniture might have sentimental value we can make a master pice call us we will come to your house fro free estimate ,In a brief description  Custom upholstery is a piece of furniture designed by you or a designer, while reupholstery is an update to an already upholstered piece of furniture like an upholstered sofa, an upholstered chair, or upholstered headboard.As many Customers request We extend our Reupholstery Service to All Pasadena residents.

Reupholstery is the process to cover a piece of furniture with fabric using the techniques of an expert.

Going into details, to us upholstery is a form of art and our passion is to make your piece of furniture into a piece of art. We have the best Certified Upholsterers to work in you sofa; they create custom sofas where they design a style that you desire and approve and then they finish with unique and quality fabrics.

WM Design co. has the best Reupholstery services in the area s, we are inviting our customers to go through this process of updating and renewing your beloved furniture; our products are guaranteed, and we use the best materials that are required by California Law. We have no limit to what we can do, anything related to recover a sofa we can do it: We offer a large selection of fabrics in our showroom, come by and see everything we have.

Reupholstery Pasadena

Reupholstery Pasadena Our company Work direct with the customers, providing the best Service in the area

We are the number one in the industry,We work with commercial Facilities

About Reupholstery service

Reupholstery Pasadena Or Re fabrics can be one of our specialties, we give new life to your sofa It doesn't matter if your sofa has torn fabric or broken wood,No matter our upholsterers give you new life.Why buy the sofa that everybody else have? Maybe you have a u treasure in your House like e.g. a sofa of 1950, these sofas have hardwood and coil springs,with the help of a professional you will have a sofa that no one has near you

When Is worth Reupholstering?

When the sofa has a good frame, and worn out,reupholstery is not cheap but it will be less than buying a new furniture,A good re upholsterer can give furniture new look, take out dated details and give you back a piece of furniture that's better than new. we can also make your furniture bigger or smaller new style.Springs are replaced and retied. Fillings are renewed and the frame reinforced. That's why the cost of reupholstery is often close to the price of new furniture. Whatever you choose, the cost of the fabric will be the same. Reupholstery Pasadena contact usWe are proud to bring Reupholstery  services to the door to all homes and business in Pasadena California. Now we are introducing new services reupholstery Pasadena directly from Our work shop Or Showroom For us is the best choice to design for all residents at home or in or shop In pasadena ca.


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