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 Upholstery Service

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 Furniture Upholstery Burbank-Reupholstery Service

Why Choose Burbank Upholstery?

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Furniture Upholstery Burbank Upholstery Service Is provide By WM Design co. Our Company is a premiere in the industry of upholstering Business  aims to provide best customers service the is the reason Why We have serving Burbank California for more than 30 years making furniture and reupholstering,
making several individuals joyful and giving the best Service in Burbank Upholstery, Furniture upholstery Burbank is putting forth a full upholstery benefit in Burbank , bringing the best
reupholster benefit in Burbank California to your home, business or private upholstery slipcovers,
furniture upholstery or Re upholstery, seat couches, yard pad and restaurant corner, Burbank 

 Furniture Upholstery Burbank, upholsterers have a team of professionals, your furniture may not be in better hands, upholstering is an
art, and we make of your couch one master piece, in our business we try to give our customers the best possible quality,We are the number one Upholstery shop in the city of Burbank our work speaks for itself,we are the leaders in our industry,We have work  with film industry in Burbank California,Our Furniture Is being used in Several Tv Shows and Movies.

Furniture Upholstery Burbank.

We have the best services in upholstery and re Upholstery Service in Burbank ca, if not sure to buy or tosofa reupholstery see WM design speaks with an expert to help you with their best ideas. Our company as well has a wide variety of fabrics to choose from as designs, if you go to a shop these limited to buy what they offer you. with us you can design your own sofa, Furniture Upholstery Burbank, use materialsthat meet the requirements of California law

Our Furniture Upholstery Burbank  Comparison With any Furniture Store

WM DESIGN CO.                                                                RETAIL STORE

  • ALDER WOOD                                                           PINE WOOD
  • 8 WEIGHT HAND TIE                                                 ELASTIC WEBBING
  • 2.5 HR FOAM                                                              1.5 POLYFOAM
  • MACHING PATTERN                                                   ALL OVER
  • OUTSIDE BACK PADDED                                            NO PADDING.



  • Sofa Reupholstery
  • Custom sofas
  • Ottomans
  • Patio Cushions
  • Chairs Upholstery Or SlipCovers

What is the process of upholstering a sofa?

1 - remove the old fabric

2 Inspect the frame-

3 - Secure the springs

4 - lay the fabric on the cutting table.

5-Start cutting the fabric and align the design

6-upholsterer begins installing the fabric.

7-Replace new cushions.
We have different types of foam and fabrics, contract
fabrics, outdoor, vinyl.

have material specifically for commercial use only.

compliant with California state regulations.

In the beautiful city of burbank our company works on
different TV studio like warner brothers. we also provide them owners of
restaurants with all booth upholstery and chairs

To all resident of burbank, Wm Design and Upholstery gives
you the option to reupholster a couch that can have a value sentimental.Or
design your own couch we help putting thoughts together. we we measure the area
where you want the sofa

Welcome to Burbank  Upholstery and Custom design

Service At Burbank Upholstery

 We exceptionally created Sofas structure from scratch with Our very experience Upholsterers the Key of our success is provide to all Customers the Best Service.
Upholstery Burbank custom made any piece of furniture,Sofa are well made we complete guarantee our work.we also have reupholstery service.
We make it easy for our Customers they can come to choose your own fabrics,all material used in your furniture are made in USA
​ ​

Sofa Slipcover Burbank

They can change the entire look of a bit of furniture. You can utilize slipcovers or Upholstery Burbank to add examples and shade to any room in your home. We create custom structure fitted slipcovers generally in Burbank California, specially fitted slipcovers from your estimations and double old slipcovers. We create blankets for very nearly every style of furniture. You can weigh our employment in our show room in Burbank the diverse slipcover work we do. Go from sixty's something, to an agreeable cool white canvas 100 % cotton look that will bring you into the 21st century. Practical yet fun, simply what is required in today's home. Disregard your mouse old green here to see an entire new look! Make certain that you will get the best slip Cover in Burbank California , something more structure fitted? You don't need a toss over, tuck in additional fabric avoided spread to continually whine with. Well on the off chance that you have a little tolerance and can do some precise measuring, you can have a exclusively fitted slipcover. Complete with zipper terminations, corded creases and joined skirts in your picked style. Basically
email me with all pictures and i will replace.